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  • Create Database
    Create a new database (eg: struts_article) OR use a exist database.
    Note: Struts Article uses MySQL database server, recommend version 4.1, 5.0 or above. Please set the CHARACTER SET to UTF8.
  • Import SQL file
    Import the SQL/StrutsArticle.sql. It will setup tow tables.
  • Create Context
    Create a Context in your servlet server. (eg: Tomcat)
    <Click here to view screenshot>
  • Create Data Source
    Create a new Datasource which named jdbc/StrutsArticle, and configure it correctly.
    Note: You must specify UTF8 encoding in the JDBC URL.
    <click here to view screenshot>

There is a example configuration file which generated by Tomcat, maybe you will like it. <StrutsArticle.xml>

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